Demons of the Ars Goetia
What might you know about Stolas?

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But I also heard that he makes a mean fajita…

Could I ask about Stolas and his nature, pretty please~?

Stolas is the 36th listed demon, and is a Great Prince of Hell. He usually appears as a big owl wearing a crown and long stilt-like bird legs, but can appear as a raven or a man as well. He commands over 26 legions.

He’s another helpful demon who teaches knowledge about the effectiveness of poisonous plants and herbs, the value of precious stones and knows a great deal about astronomy.

How does one pronounce Bael/Baal?

Bael can be pronounced with a long ‘a’ sound in the middle, ‘bayl’.  Or it can be pronounced like ‘bell’. Either one is right.



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Can you tell something about: "Ouroboros"?


Ouroboros usually is depicted as a snake eating it’s own tail. Sometimes it’s a dragon, but mostly serpentine in most sources.

It is a symbol of the cycle of life, death and rebirth, something that is constantly destroying and remaking itself.

So sometimes it looks like this:


The symbol of infinity, the eternal return in which everything has been existing, reoccurring forever in a cycle.

It’s also associated with alchemy, where it represents “One is all” which is everything above, eternity. (Fullmetal Alchemist did their research.)

I hope that this is the info you were looking for. I don’t really know anything else about the symbol in other media.

can you tell me all you know about Elim?

An Elim is what the Hebew called the spirits just below the Elohim. They were lesser gods, or demons.

Some sasshole named Azazel was in command of some of these guys, meaning he was prolly a higher up… And for you Supernatural fans watching this blog, yeah, I’m talking about that Azazel. Though this one used to be an angel.

Him and the Elim taught humans to use weapons properly it looks like. What a nice guy.

(Also for you Sonic fans… Azazel = Iblis. He turned into a big ball of fire and shit when God kicked his ass outta heaven.)

Can you tell me what you know about Seere?

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Prince Seere is the 70th demon listed in the Goetia, and he is in command of 26 legions of lesser demons. He can go to any place on earth in a matter of seconds to accomplish the will of the conjurer, bring abundance, help in finding hidden treasures or in robbery. He is good natured, being indifferent to alignment, and willingly wishes to assist the summoner.

He’s also described to show up on a horse. Prince Seere is also extremely beautiful. AND HE’S AVAILIABLE. No seriously look, he’ll do anything you want him to that is within his power, and not complain about it! Because he LIKES YOU. GENUINELY! BOYFRIEND MATERIAL!!!

Oops I went along on a tangent… But yeah.

How is vassago depicted?

Traditionally, he’s described as an older man riding on the back of a crocodile, holding a bird in one hand. I think it’s a Goshawk.

He also is blind, or looks blind, in this dimension. But he can see into other dimensions from the one he’s in.


NaberiusOther spellings: Cerberus, Cerbere, Naberus, Nebiros



Other spellings
: Cerberus, Cerbere, Naberus, Nebiros